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Uw boeking wordt bevestigd afhankelijk van onze beschikbaarheid. Na acceptatie van Uw boeking garandeert Camping Château de lez Eaux uw boeking en garandeert zij een plek voor de gekozen data.Uw boeking kan alleen worden geregistreerd na ontvangst van de aanbetaling van 25 %.


Bij aankomst moet je inchecken bij de receptie. De boeking staat op naam en is niet overdraagbaar. De persoon die de reservering maakt dient tenminste 18 jaar oud te zijn. Een plaatsnummer kan wijzigen in de planning, alleen de gekozen categorie is gewaarborgd. Bij uitzondering kan een plaatsnummer wel worden bevestigd door de receptie.


Betaling van een aanbetaling en het restant bedrag

To make sure you will have a pitch or an accommodation at the period you request, you have to make a 25% deposit of the total cost of your stay.
For a camping pitch or an accommodation, the balance must be paid 30 days before your arrival.
If you book less than 30 days before your arrival, you will have to pay the total cost of your stay.
If you do not pay the balance on time, your booking will be cancelled and you will not be refunded the deposit you paid.

Camping pitches

The pitch is available from 1 p.m. You can only check-in when the reception is open.
The day of departure you have to leave before 12 o’clock. If you leave the campsite after 12 o’clock, you will have to pay an extra night.
For safety and comfort reasons, the numbers of persons per pitch is limited to 6.
Do not park your car on one near pitch even if it seems vacant. Person may arrive at any time of the day.

Chalet or mobile-home

The accommodations are available from 3 p.m. You can only check-in when the reception is open.
The day of departure you have to leave before 10 a.m, you have to make an appointment to check the accommodation at the reception at the latest the day before the departure.
Tents are not allowed on the lawn around the accommodation.
For reasons of safety and insurance, it is forbidden to exceed the number of occupants covered by the accommodation. The campsite manager will not accept any person over and above the planned capacity .

Deposit for the accomodations

On your arrival we will ask you a 100 Euros as cleaning guarantee , before you get the key. When you will leave we will give you your deposit back, after checking the accommodation. The campsite will keep a part of the deposit if there is something broken or missing.
The day of departure the accommodation have to be as cleaned as the day of arrival. If you don’t want to clean the accommodation before leaving, we will keep 50 Euros for cleaning fees.
A detailed inventory is available in each accommodation. It is your responsibility to check if everything is ok and notice the reception before 24 hours if something is missing or broken. Past this delay you will be charged.

Late arrival

Every late arrival has to be notified, otherwise your booking will be cancelled the following day from 12 o’clock, you will not be refunded.


You have to confirm in writing.
If you cancel more than 30 days before your arrival we will keep the deposit so 25%.
If you cancel between 15 and 29 days before your arrival, 50 % of the total cost of your stay will be kept.
If you cancel less than 15 days, the total cost of your stay will be kept.
No cancellation guarantee is included in our prices. Y ou will have to take an insurance yourselves.


To be polite and for safety reasons the visitors have to introduce themselves at the reception. Visitors will have to pay at arrival to access to the campsite

Late arrival or early departure

The total cost of your stay is calculated from the dates written on the booking form, if you arrive late or if you leave early you will not be refunded.


The stay is free for them, but the owner is responsible for his pet.

Interior rules

The customer has to respect the rules of the campsite that are given to him on his arrival. If you don’t respect towards the other customers or the facilities of the campsite, we have the right to cancel your booking and you will have to leave the campsite without being refunded any money.
Constantly you are responsible for your children.

Shorts are forbidden in the pool.

Mediation of consumer’s disputes

In accordance with the consumer code, relating to « Consumer disputes mediation process». The customer shall have the right to have acces to the mediation service for free proposed by SARL camping Lez Eaux. The ombudsman « consumer law » is MEDICYS. You can either send a mail to MEDICYS :

Or write a letter : MEDICYS – Centre de médiation et règlement amiable des huissiers de justice- 73, Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 – Paris